Helter Stupid. (insecurelobster) wrote in ontd_feminism,
Helter Stupid.

Tumblr & Bloody Women


Tumblr, the haven for hipsters that serves as a platform for screencaps of movies with the subtitles on and high-res photos of animals doing amazing things, has a rather disturbing side. I've noticed (with considerable discomfort) the popularity of photos of women with bloody knees or bloody noses or just plain bloody and brutalized. Today, I came across Fuck Yeah Bloodfest, which is pretty self explanatory.

The first page features seven images of women covered in blood, two inanimate objects, and one man. Going back further, I notice a few things. There are images of men, animals, and non-humans, but the content is overwhelmingly female. The women are always light-skinned, and usually appear to be completely deranged or perfectly calm and composed. When men are featured, they seem to be covered in someone else's blood, or are recognizable characters such as Dexter, Sweeny Todd or Hannibal Lecter. The women tend to be unrecognizable models, who seem perfectly content with having their throats slit open.

Why does we have an appetite for bloody images of white women? Why would we want to look at a brutalized arm decorated with jewelery, or a screaming woman being dragged across a floor until her hands bleed, or a woman shot in the head and chest, or a very distressed woman bloody with her head wrapped in plastic? There is no context to any of these images, no indication to how these women got these injuries. But it's not hard to guess, or make assumptions.

Why do we glorify horrifying images of violence against women? For many women, being dragged across the floor or beaten bloody are not artistic visions, but a horrifying reality. In the US, one in four women will be a victim of intimate partner violence. Why are these images appealing when one-third of female homicide victims are killed by their partners? Why are we "okay" with these depictions? Maybe the connection between images of battered women and actual victims of domestic violence is not overt in the minds of the owner or the readers of Fuck Yeah Bloodfest, but it is irresponsible to refuse to think critically about the images that appeal to you.

What do you think, ontd_feminism?

(EDIT: I just posted this on my own Tumblr if you want to reblog it or whathaveyou.)
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